Lawsuit Against Child Protection Services
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For years lending a hand to the innocent,per hired service(s)when attorneys say NO?Call BellasLawAdvocateGroup today after review of such powerful site!Take heed to what is happening when it come to CHILD PROTECTION SERVICES,VIOLATINGYOUR CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHT,AND FIGHT BACK HARD,AND STRONG,AND THAT COMMENCE BY THE PROPER FILE OF YOUR NOTICE OF INTENT TO SUE AND FEDERAL LAWSUIT FOR MONEY DAMAGES,AND OTHER SIGNIFICANT RELIEF,AGAINST CPS TODAY...

Bella's Law,first of its kind nationally has just made it easier,for years,to file your lawsuit PRO-SE,

( without attorney ) to ensure your NOT missing out on holding your abhorrent caseworker accountable.

 Get on the Road,for finally being able to Receive,your FINAL Justice,against CPS.

Good Parents are now able to properly,and lawfully take back their rights,when reviewing such empowerment
and insightful site,for which the right of the children and loving parents/grandparents shall no longer be violated,
when your filing such warranted lawsuit against such agency CPS.

Smile again when taking back your right from such abhorrent agency CPS,and file such warranted,suit today BEFORE time run out
barring your family forever,when CPS has injured you,and not being able to sue due to you are waiting for Statute Of Limitation(s)to pass your family by.

Nationally CPS acronym,are:

  • DYFS
  • CYS
  • ACS
  • DCFS
  • DHS
  • DHR
  • OCR
But are nationally known as child protection service(s)CPS,for which are destroying such
loving GOOD American Families nationwide.Read more below,such EMAIL is automated
hence,do not write back,just call office when your ready to sue before deadline for such
injury caused such agency,clearly violating your children/grandchildren constitutional right.

1-888-602-6762 ext.(2) 

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ext. 2 Heather-Marie Rothstein.


Toll Free Out Of State 1-888-602-6762 speak to our dedicated caring team of
civil right trained advocates,at the Nation 1st and Only Pro-se Center,of its kind!
"heather-marie shall assist per appt."call today and begin to take back your right.

Your family.

Your life.

ext. 2 heather-marie rothstein.
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Direct Office Line: 1-888-602-6762 ext 2

Between Regular Business Hours 10:45-7:p.m.
Weekends Shall Vary.

SUE CPS BEFORE DEADLINE And Take Back your Right,or remain violated.
Your Choice,YOU decide.
As some reasoning of such validity to sue a caseworker over at CPS are as follows: 
  • Wrongful Removal.
  • Continued Detention even whereas; 
  • proof is not visible,a child was abused,and or neglected by parent and or loving grandparent.
  • Detention of child,being made a"ward of the state" as a result,she ended up sexually abused/assault. 
  • Psychiatric Hospitalization/Suicide attempt from missing her family,his parent,grandparent,due to cps
  • DEATH,of your child under state supervision,and or Rape.
  • Educational Neglect."(only when cps took over custody),care,control of your once bright astute child.
  • Complying with the state i.e. parenting classes,therapy etc,but yet child is Still Not return in violation of such child-
  • parent constitutional right and civil right.